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How Many Credits Is An Associate Degree?

According to widely accepted criteria, 60 semester or 90 quarter credits are needed to earn an associate degree. It is acknowledged that universities may employ different terminology (such as hours or courses) to describe comparable student achievement.

For an associate’s degree, how many credits are required?

We’ll begin by responding to the most fundamental query that most folks have: What number of credits are required to obtain an associate’s degree? The normal associate’s degree requires 60 credit hours to be completed by the student. Although 60 credits may seem excessive, your course load will be equivalent to 20 three-credit courses. The good news is that you don’t have to finish those credits in two years.

Although 60 credits is the typical amount, this number may vary significantly based on the college you decide to attend and the subject you pursue your degree. Always confirm the specific criteria with the school you intend to attend.

If I already have some college credit: Make Sure to Follow It

Make sure your school is aware of any college credits you may already have. Most colleges accept credits from other institutions, however, not all do. You can typically find out if your credits will transfer by phoning the school or checking their website if you already know where you want to enroll.

There may be a transfer guide available on some college websites that lists the classes they accept. It is usually worthwhile to enquire further about any classes you can’t find on their list.

Important information

In general, completing an associate degree is less expensive and takes less time than a bachelor’s degree. It can also assist you in establishing new job options in academic disciplines like computer science, engineering, and medicine. Let’s go over the fundamentals of how much an associate degree costs and what it entails.

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According to the College Board [1], the average cost of an associate degree program for one year in 2021 will be $3,800. Tuition rates vary between institutions and programs. In order to qualify, you must live in the district where the associate degree program is offered and attend a public in-district school.

This contrast with the typical annual tuition for a bachelor’s degree program, which is $38,070 for private nonprofit institutions, $27,560 for public out-of-state institutions, and $10,740 for public in-state institutions.

Final Words

Depending on who is pursuing it, an associate’s degree might serve a variety of purposes. Some folks prefer an easier transition into college. Others might not wish to pursue additional formal education if they are aware that their chosen employment path does not necessitate a four-year degree. Some people go towards an associate’s degree to improve their chances of landing a job.

Whatever the motivation, attaining a higher degree can always be advantageous. A key to opening doors you’re not yet aware of is education. You can pursue higher education without having a set course of action in mind. A compelling reason to get a degree is something you are enthusiastic about.


1. An associate degree or a bachelor’s degree, which has more credits?

A bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits, whereas an associate’s degree normally requires 60 credits or 20 units. By transferring in your previous credits, earning an associate degree before a bachelor’s degree can help you reduce expenditures and your time commitment by about half.

2. Do two associate degrees count towards a bachelor’s degree?

It is incorrect to say that two associate degrees equate to one bachelor’s degree. However, you can transfer to a four-year university to pursue a bachelor’s degree after receiving an associate degree. The benefit is that your bachelor’s degree program will only take two more years to complete.

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3. Do I qualify as a student by having an associate’s degree?

An associate degree, commonly known as a “2-year degree,” is an undergraduate degree that can be earned in substantially less time and with fewer credits than a bachelor’s degree.

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