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Top 3 Simple Ways to Download Instagram Reels Without Apps

Download Instagram Reels Without Apps – Reels are a fun new way to create short videos on Instagram. With reels, you can make entertaining clips set to music and share them with friends and followers. While reels are easy to view on Instagram, you may want to download some for offline viewing or sharing on other platforms. Fortunately, there are a few straightforward methods to download Instagram reels without apps.

Download Instagram Reels

In this article, we’ll outline three simple ways to save reels from Instagram using just your phone or computer. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about downloading reels. With over 15 years of experience writing about apps and mobile technology, we’ll explain each method in easy-to-understand steps. Let’s get started!

Download Reels Straight from

The easiest way to download reels is by using Instagram’s desktop website. 

Here are the steps:

Go to and open the reel you want to download reels. 

Right-click on the video and select “Inspect”. Press Ctrl+F on Windows or Command+F on Mac to open the search tool. 

Type in “video” to find the reel’s video file. 

Right-click on the URL and choose “Open in new tab”. This will open the video alone. 

Right-click again and pick “Save video as” to download the reel.

This method maintains full video quality as it saves reels directly from Instagram’s servers.

Use Screen Recording on Your Phone

If you only have access to your mobile phone, you can screen record reels. Here’s how on both iPhone and Android:

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Open the reel you want to download reels in the Instagram app.

For iPhone, swipe down from the top right and tap the screen record icon in the Control Center.

For Android, open Quick Settings and select Screen Record. 

Press record and play the reel in the app. 

Stop recording when finished. 

The screen recording will be saved to your camera roll so you can trim and share it.

While convenient, quality may decrease slightly due to video compression.

Save Reels Directly to Your Camera Roll

Instagram has a built-in feature to save reels

Tap on the reel you want to download to open it full screen. 

In the bottom right, tap the three dots for “more options.” Select “Save video” and the reel will save directly to your camera roll. 

You can then access and share the downloaded reel.

This method is only available on mobile devices but provides the highest convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about downloading Instagram reels? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are there apps to download reels?

Yes, third-party apps can download reels but aren’t needed. The methods above allow downloading without extra apps.

Does downloading reels reduce quality?

The website and save video methods maintain full quality. Screen recording may have slightly lower quality.

Is it legal to download other’s reels?

It’s generally fine legally for personal use. Do not re-share or distribute without permission.


As you can see, downloading Instagram reels is easy with just a few built-in tools. Using Instagram’s website, screen recording, or save option, anyone can download reels for personal viewing and sharing. We hope these top 3 genuine methods help you save your favourite short videos without needing extra apps.

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