Refurbished Phones

2022 Best Refurbished Phones to Buy In India

Refurbished Phones

As more reputable resellers enter the smartphone industry, refurbished cellphones are growing in popularity. Here, we go over refurbished smartphones and how to purchase them to get your ideal smartphone at a lower cost.

You can discover a smartphone labeled with a Refurbished tag in its name at The article will clarify what a “refurbished phone” is if you’re unsure what that term implies.

Refurbished phones are affordable alternatives to older smartphones that can have minor physical flaws or the box has been opened.

Why choose reconditioned smartphones?

Additionally, purchasing a refurbished smartphone benefits the environment. Watch to see how. Once a smartphone has some damage, it gets discarded and dumped in landfills. However, if it is repaired and sold, it will have had an opportunity to live. Any smartphone with even a few dings or scrapes on it should never be discarded because it is incredibly harmful to the environment.

Many smartphone components are made of plastic, and we all know how difficult it is to harm lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, it would be preferable to sell these as refurbished phones that could be offered at a lower cost while still being in excellent shape.

Best Refurbished Phones

Pixel 5 by Google

The Google experience on the Pixel 5 is complete and enhanced. For less than half the more recent Pixel 6 Pro cost, you can get flagship features like water resistance, great cameras, wireless charging, and years of upgrades. Although it didn’t spend as much time in the spotlight, the phone deserves a lot of affection.

Galaxy Note 20 5G from Samsung

This stunning piece of perfection was one of Samsung’s final Note devices. The matching S Pen, the sizable Super AMOLED display, the dust- and water-resistant construction, and the sturdy internals all exude high quality.

OnePlus 9

It’s unbelievable that the OnePlus nine is available for such a low price. That 6.55″ AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate is liquid-smooth, so your eyes will never grow weary of it. This OnePlus flagship phone, which has Hasselblad cameras, is a potent device that doesn’t disappoint you.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra from Samsung

You have one of the greatest displays in the industry, a fantastic camera module, support for 5G, and a tonne of power inside. Android 14 and Android 15 will be the next two significant updates for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, after which you can utilize custom ROMs. It is an Android phone to buy if you want one.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is your best choice if you want an iPhone with all the newest bells and whistles, including 5G, an OLED display, and the most recent design. The iPhone 12 was the first iPhone to come with 5G when it was released in 2020. Additionally, it was the first entry-level model to use an OLED screen.

Apple’s immensely powerful A14 CPU, which is still one of the market’s fastest semiconductors by 2022 standards, powers the phone. The phone boasts a 6.1-inch display and excellent battery life and is currently less than dollar 500 because it is more than a year old.

OnePlus 8T+ 5G

Although OnePlus consistently produces some of the most affordable flagships available, if the OnePlus nine is a little too higher in the price for your budget, we suggest looking at a refurbished 8T+ 5G. The OnePlus 8T+ 5G’s minuscule hole-punch notch and sleek glass back ensure its design will still be cutting edge in 2022. It features an IP68 rating, a 120Hz AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 865 5G CPU, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage.

LG Velvet 5G

Even if LG was once undisputed, the LG Velvet 5G is still one of the most beautiful smartphones. With lovely cameras, wireless charging, and a Snapdragon 845 CPU powering the handset, this gorgeous beauty has brains, too.

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Moto G Power

The Moto G Power (2021) has a lot to offer, including three days of battery life on a single charge, a revamped design, and an enhanced primary camera. The G Power is a fairly alluring alternative, especially when you consider that you’re also getting a software experience that’s very similar to vanilla Android.

Samsung Galaxy A51

When it was announced, many people were astonished by Samsung’s Galaxy A51 because it ended up being among the greatest smartphones of the year. If you choose a reconditioned edition of the A53, you may save a few dollars and obtain this outstanding low-cost phone at an even greater discount.

iPhone X

In essence, the iPhone X is the iPhone XR with more horsepower. It utilizes an OLED panel, whereas the XR uses an LCD panel for a better display and has a marginally faster processor. Greater low-light performance and more lenses for better video and picture quality have also been added to the camera. Today, the iPhone X is inexpensive. However, it still resembles a recent iPhone because it looks identical to the iPhone 11. And it will receive iOS updates for years to come, just like all of Apple’s iPhones.

What to consider when purchasing used phones?

Verify the warranty

Many of the reconditioned smartphones come with a temporary warranty. The manufacturer or the reseller platform where it is being sold provides the warranty directly. Most reputable resellers run the smartphone through a number of tests and inspections to ensure it is in flawless functioning order.

Check Documents

Like how we normally carefully consider every aspect before making a large-ticket purchase, buying a reconditioned phone likewise requires careful consideration. Therefore, reading the small print may uncover hidden terms like being unable to return the phone or not being eligible for a refund after doing so.

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However, if you purchase a refurbished smartphone from Cashify, that is not the case. You can even return your smartphone if you’re unhappy with it during the six-month guarantee period.


Which is preferable, second-hand or refurbished?

You may be certain that a phone has been inspected, cleaned, wiped, and is covered by a guarantee if it is labeled as “refurbished” and you are purchasing it from a network or a trader on an auction website.

You’ll need extra caution because the phrase “used” is more difficult to define. On auction websites, it’s frequently used by private sellers and can indicate anything from a few dings to being pummeling by repeated drops.

Do refurbished phones have a warranty?

Refurbished phone warranties vary depending on where you purchase them. You will always receive a 12-month guarantee when you purchase from a major network or shop, the only refurbished phone suppliers we offer on U-switch. With O2, for example, it is thus. For Vodafone and Affordable Mobiles, the same holds.

A 12-month guarantee is generally included when purchasing from a trader on eBay or Amazon. The procedure of getting a refund is trickier and may be based on the textual description of the phone in the listing if you purchase from an individual or private seller on eBay as opposed to a trader.

Are used phones environmentally friendly?

Yes, the good news is that refurbished phones are not only significantly less expensive than new models, but they are also more environmentally friendly. It is due to a returned phone receiving a fresh lease on life. Reselling an old phone is also better for the environment than buying a new one.

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