Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones To Buy Now

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones To Buy Now

Whether your phone has nixed the sound jack or you favor going remote, Bluetooth earphones are an incredible method for enjoying your music cable-free. There are several inconveniences contrasted with wired earphones, such as expecting to watch out for battery levels and conceivable sync issues while watching recordings; not stressing…

Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone Conduction Headphones 2023: Choose the Best Headphone

Bone conduction headphones have been gaining popularity as a specialized type of wireless earphone, with a history rooted in the hearing aid sector. Unlike conventional headphones and earbuds, bone-conduction headphones do not make the eardrum vibrate. Instead, they sit directly on the listener’s cheekbones and use bone conduction vibrations to…

noise-cancelling headphones

List Of Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones Available In 2023

Not just for traveling, noise-cancelling headphones will shield you from all kinds of aural disturbances so you can focus on your music. We’ll point you toward the top models. With any of our best recommendations for noise-canceling headphones, you may enjoy some peace and quiet. Although Sony remains the top…

Clean Your Headphones

How To Clean Your Headphones And Earphones?

Clean Your Headphones Clean Your Headphones – Ensure that your gadget is turned off are unplugged. Dry them completely with a gentle cloth. Alcohol should never be bought or used because it can make leather degrade more quickly or erase color. Any undesirables are removed with soap and water.

Buy Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

5 Reasons You Should Buy Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones Buy Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Wireless headphones are becoming more and more common. People also want their technology to be simple, along with technological advancements. Wearing TWS has numerous advantages that can enhance your life, from the general Bluetooth performance to the sound quality, water-resistant construction, battery life,…

bose tws 2 specifications

Wireless Headphones With Mic

Wireless Headphones With Mic Buy Bose TWS-5 SoundSport Truly Wireless Sport Headphones Online Lowest Price In Sri Lanka. Only Quality Products. 7 Day Replacement Guarantee. Pay by Cards, Ez-cash, m-cash Or Cash On Delivery

JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Flex In-Ear Neckband Headphones

JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Flex In-Ear Neckband Headphones

  • 8.6mm Drivers
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • Built-In Textured 4-Button Controls
  • Control Playback, Siri/Google Now & Mor
  • Over 11 Hours of Playback
  • Built-In Microphone for Hands-Free Calls
  • Bright White RunSafe LED for Night Use
  • Sweat-Proof Nano Coating
  • Flexible Neckband & Magnetic Earbuds
Samsung U Flex Headphones

Samsung U Flex Headphones

  • Stylish, premium design with two-way speaker units
  • UHQ Audio (Ultra-High Quality Audio) for superior sound
  • The frame makes a perfectly comfortable experience
  • The product is made of flexible and lightweight material.
  • Depending on the ergonomics ear contour full scale.
  • And Great quality silicon structural pad between ear
JBL TWS 4 Wireless Bluetooth

JBL TWS 4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Earbuds

    • Ready all the time to play your favourite music!
    • Stable Connection TWS4 has been upgraded to Bluetooth V4.2.
    • As long as you stay within a 10-meter distance from the device
    • The music will be in the air
    • Frequency Range:20-20KHz
    • Sensitivity: 98dB
    • Impedance: 32ő©
    • Bluetooth Version: 4.2
    • Effective distance: 10m
    • Charging Input: DC 5.0V 500mA
    • Charging Time: 1.5h
    • Working Time: 3h