How to Resolve the iPhone 15 Pro Overheating issues

How to Resolve the iPhone 15 Pro Overheating issues

Apple claims that the increased background activity may cause your iPhone 15 Pro models to feel warmer for the first few days after you have set it up or restored it. Furthermore, a few bugs in the iOS 17 and late updates in outsider applications like Instagram, Uber, and Black-top 9 are additionally answerable for iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues.

How to Resolve the iPhone 15 Pro Overheating issues

We have been involving the iPhone 15 Pro Max for over 10 days now. Yes, it occasionally exceeds the ambient temperature and causes problems with overheating.

In everyday light to direct utilization, the iPhone 15 Pro Max gave no indications of overheating.
The phone was severely overheating after 20 minutes of shooting in 4K ProRes. It arrived at a greatest temperature of up to 47 degrees Celsius. We gave it some time and afterward began to shoot the video once more and it before long went to 43.5 degrees. The tests were carried out in a cool setting with the air conditioners on for reference.

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At the point when we were involving the iPhone 15 Pro Max in daylight for quite a while, it showed the Temperature Cautioning for a couple of moments and afterward it disappeared.

iPhone 15 Pro Overheating issues

10 Methods for fixing iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max Overheating Issues:

Presently, if your new iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max is additionally overheating, we have a few arrangements you can attempt.

  1. Update Instagram application
  2. Switch to iOS 17.0.3 3. ⁠Watch out for your applications
  3. ⁠Use Apple-affirmed charger
  4. ⁠Utilize a decent case
  5. ⁠Reboot your iPhone
  6. Keep your iPhone out of direct sunlight. Stop background app refresh in version 9. ⁠Pick Wi-Fi over Versatile Information
  7. ⁠Reset All Settings
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The iPhone 15 Genius is a beneficial redesign coming from the iPhone 12 Master, however you ought to truly possibly update in the event that you’re beginning to feel execution and battery duration dialing back.

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These iPhone models are sprinkle, water, and residue safe and were tried under controlled lab conditions: iPhone 15. iPhone 15 Plus. iPhone 15 Pro.

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