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Cell Phone Holder – Metal Flexible Mobile/Holder for Bed and Table


Cell phone holder is a multipurpose mobile accessory that enables users to stick it on any surface to watch movies and play games.

Product Description

The SBA LS 560 metal flexible Cell Phone Holder for bed and table has superb flexible arms to use at different angles and distances. The great thing is that it can attach itself to any surface to ensure a tight hold.

The 700mm and 28 inches longer flexible telescopic arm holder enables users to position the phone at their preferred distance for convenient viewing. The heavy-duty metal sturdy arm is the most stable mounting, which also prevents vibrations and secures your phone by falling down.

Our team has found its SG retails hubs interior specially designed for providing premium quality and hard grip to the mobile. The protector on the mount head protects the mobile phone from any kind of scratches and damages by preventing slipperiness.

The price is best enough to beat other similar products. The people who love to watch movies while lying in bed, this lazy bracket metal flexible mobile/holder are the best option.


  • Best price tag as compared with others
  • 28 inch longer flexible arm
  • Can stick easily on any surface
  • Prevent vibration


  • A bit bulky

Bottom Lines

The SBA LS metal flexible Cell Phone Holder for bed and table has a multi functional clip, allowing users to use it as a desktop mobile/tablet stand.

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